Community Involvement

 Financial Contributions

Our financial contributions to local organizations, fundraisers and student groups help keep our communities vibrant places to live and work. If you’re involved with an organization that benefits our local communities and would like to request a donation, please contact your local branch office.

Student Internships

Through our student internship program, we’re helping to develop the next generation of banking and business leaders in our communities. Our internships provide local high school and college students with a unique opportunity to gain real world, hands on business experience as they build their resumes. Our paid internships are competitively awarded and require a significant commitment of time and effort from the students who participate. If you’re a local student who is looking for a fast-paced and challenging opportunity to get started in business, please apply by sending a resume and cover letter to your local branch office.


Our scholarships help students who are actively involved in our communities pay for college. Scholarships are awarded through the school districts where we have branch offices. To apply for one of our scholarships, please talk with your school’s guidance counselor.

Staff Volunteering

Our staff members are remarkably committed to making their communities great places to live and work. From volunteering at local events and coaching youth sports to serving on the boards of local non-profit organizations, the commitment of our staff to their communities is second to none. 

Non-Profit Ownership

As a bank that’s owned exclusively by non-profit Community Development Corporations, we are very unique. When you bank with us, you’re helping to support the activities of our shareholders who are actively driving economic activity and making noticeable investments in our communities. 

Community Reinvestment Act Rating

Under the Community Reinvestment Act, all banks receive an assessment from their primary federal regulator related to how well they serve the needs of their local communities. Through this third party assessment process, we have consistently earned a rating of “Outstanding”. That’s the highest possible rating available and we’re proud of the effort put forth by our staff members to maintain it.

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